Record for doing Plank…not Planking

So this weekend I went to the Health show at the convention center. It was apparently a lot smaller than last year and some people where disappointed with there not being enough free samples. Which I suppose is one of the main reasons why people go to these things. And who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on the newest products when they haven’t tried them yet for themselves?

At one of the booths there was a competition to see if you cold hold plank for 1 minute. I though to my self, “ha – not problem. I can do that in my sleep!”.

I ended up breaking the record for the day by holding it for just over 5 minutes….no big deal.

And I won a pair of cheep gloves, and a $50 gift card to their boot camp program (which I won’t actually use)  But it was all about the challenge. I love a little competition!

I also did some shopping myself at the Health show and picked up some Sprouted Chia seeds. Some Golden berries and some Pucca tea!

Overall, it was pretty good show and great way to spend my Sunday afternoon;  Mooching around and checking out some interesting health products.

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