I’m too sweet for Sugar! – The challenge

So I’ve decided that starting November 1st…(that’s today) I am going to eat no sugar, dairy or flour. I haven’t decided for how long.  I try to avoid most of these things anyways so it won’t be that difficult of a challenge. I’m going to start the challenge for one month.

The dairy portion of the challenge will be a piece of cake. I don’t eat very much dairy at all, just sometimes the odd bit of freshly grated Parmesan. The flour part will also be relatively easy…minus the temptation of my grandmother’s fresh-baked buns.

I have been very BAD these past few days. Knowing that I was going to start this challenge every night for the past 4 days I have been eating lots of unhealthy sugars for dessert. Halloween didn’t help the situation.

On Sunday I ate an entire Aero and Coffee Crisp bar, after eating a massive dinner!


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