Custom Mouth Guard

So I’ve finally managed to go to the dentist last week and get an impression made of my top teeth. Getting a custom mouth guard has been on my list of things to do for the longest time and I have finally gotten around to doing it.  I shipped the impression out to Ontario yesterday, along with my design requests.

The company that I have decided to go with is called Smartguards.  They provide custom, pressure laminated mouth guards. Unlike my dentist who were going to charge $160 for a guard that would be clear and vacuum sealed (which is an inferior process to pressure laminated), smart guards will be charging that same price for two guards, with any design I want on it!

I am very excited to get it back and show off the design. It should be in my mouth within the next week or so and will be giving a review of it and comparing it to my current boil-and-bite.


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