Fast Meal for a Fast Paced Life

As much as I would love to cook every meal from scratch, it can be pretty impractical when you’re running on a tight schedule and have so many things on the go.

If I’m going to eat a quick meal, I always make sure that whatever I’m eating is minimally processed and doesn’t have preservatives or other additives that are harmful to my body.

Everything I eat is fuel for my body, and I want to be running off premium!

This quick meal was simply a Trader Joe’s Vegetarian Masala Burger, with some iceberg lettuce (it gives that extra crunch that every burger needs), avacado smeered on both sides and a bit of ketchup.

I also paired this sandwich/veggie burger with a large salad that had cherry tomatoes, and another ripe and creamy avocado. ( I also have a mild obsession with avocados )


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