I’d rather feel SORE tomorrow, than SORRY tomorrow.

This really hit home for me.  So often we set exercise and fitness at the bottom of our priorities because we are….too busy.

I am really good when I have some sort of organized class/group workout, but on my own…not so much. I am very committed to my boxing training on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. As well as my cross fit on Saturday mornings,  but I have recently been coming up with excuses to not be training on my off days.

Some of my excuses are:

  • I’m too tired
  • My body is physically sore
  • It’s cold outside
  • Fear of over training

My New Years resolution this year is going to be fitness based. I want to wake up early every morning and ideally train twice a day.

My goal is to reach a new level of physical fitness. It will not be easy at first, but once I mentally overcome the initial fatigue in the first few weeks, I am positive that the rewards and results will be worth all the sweat and tears!

Quote of the day:  I’d rather feel SORE tomorrow, than SORRY tomorrow.

Great things are coming in 2012.  What are your fitness Goals?

Live, Love, Laugh and Play!


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