The Devastating Left Hook

The main focus in the gym this week has been Left hooks. Now all of us know how to throw a left hook, but it is always good to go back to the basics.

Last week we were perfecting our left hooks to the head by breaking them down into components. All starting with the rotation of the hips and the pivot of your left foot. We did this by having our arms tied up inside our shirts to focus on only the movement of the lower body.  We then moved onto the heavy bag where we added only using our elbows to strike the bag. We finally finished with normal left hooks, this time bringing the arm across with maximum power. I definitely noticed a significant increase in power after breaking it down like that (and some nice bruises on my forearm when I got home).

So much of boxing has to do with the mechanics of the body. To achieve the greatest amount of power you need to provide that torque with your hips. Most people think that when you throw the punch you’re just wailing your arms. But all power starts from the ground up. Having good contact with the floor and having your body in perfect balance throughout the motion of the punch is how it’s done. The last thing you want to do is be off-balance in any sport,…but particularly in boxing.

Friday and yesterday the focus has been left hooks to the body. This devastating punch has dropped so many boxers. Our coach wants this punch perfected, so for an entire hour we were throwing left hooks to the body. Throwing this punch requires great precision.  It’s not just the right spot, but the angle that you need to throw the punch at to be able to drop someone.


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