Boxing on Boxing Day

One of the guys at the gym said “we have to train on Boxing day”….so that’s exactly what we did. There’s nothing like getting back into the gym after a few days off. Surprisingly I wasn’t that slow considering all of the Christmas food I disgustingly ate over the past few days.

There was a group of four of us who trained; three who are all getting ready for fights. I should have a fight coming up for sure in February at our club show, but my coach wants to get something even sooner, possibly in January. (Yikes!!- I better get cracking.) Two of the other boxers are getting ready for Nationals which is very fast approaching. In two weeks the seniors will fight and in 6 weeks the juniors.

We did some sparring (around 6 rounds each) and finished with a very effective drill focusing on body punches while the opponent was retreating.


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