Time to get Eating! – Lose Weight and Increase Your Energy

Now that the holidays are done and over with, it’s time to get back on track. I ate way too many desserts and holiday food this Christmas. I was very sick and my stomach was not happy on Christmas day. I think that a part of the reason was due to all of the different types of food that I was not used to eating.

For the past two months I have been able to keep my weight down by properly combining my meals. In doing so I have also noticed an increase in overall energy.  More energy means I can train harder and longer. Eating properly combined meals has allowed me to drop down into a lower weight class!

I first jumped on the “food combining wagon” when I read the “Raw Food Detox Diet” By Natalia Rose. (I don’t actually plan on going Raw though)  The Basic principles is that by properly combining your meals, you not only aid your body in digestion, but also help improve your overall health.

When combining your meals there are:

5 Food Categories

  1. Fruits – Are to be eaten alone on an empty stomach – The idea is that fruits take the least amount of time to digest and if they are combined with other foods, they will be left in the stomach fermenting, while the other food is still breaking down.
  2. Non-Starchy Vegetables – Can be combined with any of the three categories below
  3. Proteins – includes all meat, seafood and dairy
  4. Starches – includes all grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables (potatoes and squash)
  5.  Dried fruits, Nuts and seeds


The basic principle is that if you were to eat the typical steak and potatoes (or hamburger and fries) the protein and starch essentially neutralize each other which slows down the digestion process. It not only reduces your energy because your body is working too hard to eliminate it from your system, but it also causes your blood to become acidic and all disease thrives in an acidic environment!

Food combining makes meal planning even more difficult, but so far I have found it to be worth the hassle.

For some inspiration all of the recipes On Ev’s Plate are properly combined meals.


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