Sometimes You’ve Just Got to “Go with the fLoW”

For the past month I have been getting my health back and slowly building up strength to get into fighting shape.

Like anything in life there will always be minor hiccups and things that slow you down from  reaching your goals.

An obstacle is what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”

I’m trying to look at all the so-called “setbacks” that I have experienced in boxing not so much as something that has slowed me down from achieving my goals, but rather as  lessons learned (some much harder than others) that have made my grow stronger and wiser.

I don’t particularly like the saying “go with the flow” but sometimes if you’re forcing something to happen, and are continually pushing deeper and deeper, it will just fire right back at you with even more force.

A result of over training and essentially having a “manic” mentality as my coach put it last week, is not always best.

It’s okay to have goals and aspirations and be passionate about something, but you can not let it consume you.

I’ve always been one to give things 110% if I am truly passionate about it. And boxing is definitely one of those things. But at what point does it become too much?

I will not stop boxing anytime soon, but I am now taking a new approach to my training that will help my overall health and mentality.


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