When Sh*t hits the fan….

Now this is an interesting one. Sometimes I look at my life and all of the struggles I’ve been through and get upset or frustrated that other people seem to have it easy. And while it feels like more often than not, shit is hitting the fan for me (for a lack of a better phrase), others are coasting by in life. Their issues seem minute to the hurdles that I’ve been trying to get or have been over.

This line came up in a conversation with my strength coach and I last week.

“The world only deals you what you can handle.”

When you truly think about this, there is a lot of truth to it.  When a challenge is present we always manage to rise to the occasion. It may take a while, and feel like a never ending task. But some way, some how, life continues on. And it’s through these challenges that we face, that we become that much wiser.

So, next time the world deals you a shitty hand, remember that it wouldn’t give you something that you weren’t capable of handling.

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