National’s Here I Come!

National’s has been my goal since the beginning. May 9th and 10th was the 2014 BC Provincial Championships.


Making weight was a challenge, but I’ve been told that it will be much smoother the second time around. I was over weight by one pound in the morning of weigh-ins, but between the sauna, sweat suit and my jump rope the last bit of water weight was squeezed out of me to make 48kg.

Nationals will be held October 28th in Ontario and I will be representing British Columbia at 48Kg.  Between that time and now I will be very busy with tournaments across North America to rack up the experience to take home the gold.

In two weeks I’ll be competing in the Western Canadian Championships in Red Deer Alberta.

1 thought on “National’s Here I Come!

  1. That’s awesome sweetheart! I’m very proud of you and look forward to seeing that GOLD metal 🙂 Love you, mom oxoxo

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