It Comes Down to One Word, “Commitment”

This is a quote that my strength coach, Carmen, shared with me last month (which was slightly modified) that I now have posted on my wall at home. It is a quote by Thomas Plummer.

One of the big lies we tell the children is that you can have everything you want in life. 
The truth is that you can’t have everything you want, but you can have what you want. 
Separation in life between those who achieve success in all levels, including family, financial, and personal development as a human being comes down to one world, “commitment.” 

Many people seem to be dabblers in life. 
They start careers, but don’t commit to being the best in that career. 
They start families and then stray away or work until the family is lost. 
They open businesses that are doomed from day one because they were never all in to making it work. 
We want everything but commit to nothing. 
Your goal in life should be to chase the two or three things that really matter to you and make a commitment to be the best there ever was in those things. 
Look at everything you are doing in life and ask yourself if these are the things you are willing to dedicate your life to or are these the things you are simply doing because that is what was in front of you at the time. 
Cut your list down to only 2-3 things that you want your life to be about
There is only one true way to TRAIN AND COMPETE and that is all in and dedicated to being the best there ever was at the very few things you chose to do.

There are lots of competitions coming up in the next 4 months that I will be competing in. I am excited to finally be able to commit to my goals, by taking a break from school, to work on my boxing career.